Yehan Wang: Painting and Photography

Yehan Wang: Painting and Photography

May 7 – June 26, 2016

Join us for the opening reception on Saturday, May 7, 2016 from 3:00pm – 5:00pm with the artist in attendance.

Yehan Wang explores abstraction through his work in painting and photography. Through the systematic application of repetitive brushstrokes, Wang not only addresses abstraction in terms of painterly application, but also how paint becomes the subject of the work. Devoid of the colours that identify the markings made on the painted canvas, Wang’s manipulated photographs take the angles, lines, and textures of mundane bicycles and tubing, abstracting the content through the form, and its repetition.

A loyalty to the formalist approach is evoked in the meticulous treatment of colour, line, shape, and texture in the practice of artist Yehan Wang. This formalism is not only rendered through his treatment of the material, but also in the dual reliance between content and form. Influenced by the practices of Paul Klee and Wassily Kandinsky, Wang has developed a practice rooted in abstraction and its relation to the spiritual.

“What I loved about paintings for were their lines, the brightness and shades, the structures and the colors within them, which were basically all the elements that contributed to the tableau.

Driven by intuition and stubbornness, I have now become a bona fide formalist and I am convinced that it is the DNA inside of me which has made me grown fond of forms¡­it seems I have set up a unique system for handling of painting materials and painstakingly searched and successfully invented the ways to ensure smooth operation within this system.. I have transformed the creation of artworks into the kind of repetitive task that Sisyphus is bound to complete, or into a meaningless self-growing process. The process starts with emptiness, followed by the blossoming of elements, dots, embryos, patches and structures as its turn comes, until these elements fill the space, cause the inner explosion and, eventually, overflow¡­at such a destination, the world displayed before me is no more than a stippled painting. The painting materials, which are of the thing-in-itself nature, do not appear in paintings in form of metaphor, but in form of dense arrays, and only at such a destination, I am surprised to find myself having been free to explore the boundless sky.

My works are my forms, and I never really care about the connotations, meanings and any other qualities which are said to be able to enhanced artworks. There are no intrinsic characteristics hidden in my works, what you see on the surface are intrinsic in itself. Form, for me, is the content. And form in itself is the meaning. Without form, content cannot exist; by the same token, without content, form will only seem meaningless. I believe when someone is creating a form, he is also presenting the content, and the content is that someone himself.

Each object is an emblem in itself and can neither be experienced nor interpreted. Each object is like a mystery. It reveals the basics of its own presence and nature. The relationship of the canvas and the pigments is the only real facts of my paintings. The process of making an abstract painting may continue even though it is physically completed, it will not stop as long as it is capable of causing the viewers to feel new feelings¡­ Artworks, just like clouds, are capable of extending their mysteries by the nourishing of the new feelings they bring to the viewers.”

About the Artist

Yehan Wang was born in Shanghai, China in 1959. Graduating from the Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts in 1980, he exhibited China for 15 years before immigrating to Canada, and continuing his studies in Graphic Design at George Brown College in Toronto. Wang is a resident of Coquitlam, splitting his time between Vancouver and Shanghai. Wang’s art has been exhibited in galleries and museums throughout China, Singapore, Japan and North America.

Solo Show
09/2007 “The True Condition Yehan Wang —2007”, JinDu Art Centre, Beijing, China
11/2004 “Yehan’s Abstract”, Angle Abstract Gallery, Shanghai, China
04/2004 “Featured Artist Show”, J. Proctor Gallery, Seaside, Florida, USA
03/2003 Solo Show in Gallery Sunami, Toronto, Canada
05/2001 Solo Exhibition at J. Proctor Gallery, Seaside, Florida.
10/1998 Solo Exhibition at 50 Cumberland,Yorkville, Toronto
12/1997 Solo Exhibition at “village Arcade”, Toronto
04/1989 Solo Show in “Shanghai Art Salon” in Shanghai China

Group Show
01/2009 “Return to the Morden–Chinese Abstract Art Exhibtion”, West Lake Museum, HangZhou, China
11/2008 “Crossroads”, Opera Gallery, Singapore.
07/2008 “Chinesischer Wind”, Potsdam, Deutschland.
11/2007 “The Conquerors From Asia “, Opera Gallery, Hong Kong.
01/2007 “The Third Space — Chinese text of Abstract Art”, NingBo Museum of Art, NingBo, China
12/2006 “The Third Space — Chinese text of Abstract Art”, Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai, China
05/2006 “The Third Space — Chinese Strength of Abstract Art”, Beijing, China
03/2004 International Artists Group Show, Kurbatoff Art Gallery, Vancouver, Canada
09/2002 Candy Couhig Gallery, Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
11/2000 26th Annual One of a Kind Christmas Art Exhibition, Toronto
05/2000 “YONGE At ART” Group Show at 680 Yonge St, Toronto
01/2000 Art Group Show at Gallery 1313, Toronto
10/1996 Group Show at Gallery 104, 104 Scollard St., Toronto
10/1992 Selected Group Show at “The First 1990’s Art Biannual Exhibition” in GuangZhou Art Gallery, China
02/1987 Group Show at “Art Salon C.O.-Abstract Art” Exhibition in Singapore
04/1986 Selected Group Show at “The First Shanghai Youth Arts Exhibition” in Shanghai Art Museum Silver Award